Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2 Tier Hallmark All Star Baby Diaper Cake (SOLD)

2 Tier Hallmark All Star Baby Diaper Cake -SOLD
13 pcs huggies disposal diaper size M
1 Hallmark romper/onesie (3-6 months)
1 baby pants (3-6 months)
1 pair Hallmark baby socks (3-6 months)
1 Hallmark baby bib
1 Disney teether
1 cotton nappie
1 gift box

Postage by Pos parcel RM10 for peninsular malaysia

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My kids bento

I've been crazy about bento for a long time. It's just so difficult to get bento equipment from here few years back. So been collecting this stuff since last year. There are sooo cute!

Bento are great for you kids lunch box. It's not that hard to do. Be creative and use you imagination ^_^ . Here some of bento i make for my kids.
go to my flickr to see more of my bento creation.

egg sandwich, sausage octopus & apple

french toast & cupcake

my bento box collection. most of it for my kids. soo cute ^_^

Essential equipment for making bento, rice mould, egg & quail mould, sause container, seaweed puncher, cheese cutter, picks & sandwich cutters

my collection, brought from singapore.