Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winners for Mysunshine Giveaway & Cloth Diaper Fund!!

salam & hi to all,

So sorry for the late announcement. Congrats to all winners... To others who participate, million thanks for joining Mysunshine Giveaway.... and pls continue to help RTAR and May Allah blessed you for your kindness...

Winners, pls email me your detials...

tukang cabut undi.. my son ^_^

1st Prize - Mama Zharfan

2nd prize - Cik Jeela

3rd prize - mama danial & eva


Friday, November 20, 2009

update on RTAR visit 14 Nov

Alhamdulillah, we would never be able to do this without your support & help. Please continue to help not only RTAR but other Homes. There are so many ways to give of ourselves, our money and our time. You can volunteer for a local charity or send money to the needy. When one’s heart is in the right place, any act of giving is a worthwhile pursuit.

From Ummikusayang e-groups and friends out there we manage to collect few other things for RTAR. Sorry If I miss out any name...
60 towels - azhana, kaiyisah, Hanie & yati
60 single bed sheet - hanie, Hafifah, Kaiyisah, salmiah (post from penang) & donation
60 pillows - Akmal, Eva
60 Single Mattress - Hamba Allah & Bakit
2 months stocks of Susu Raudah - from Tabung Susu
Kain batik & pelikat - kak Sal, Hanie & yati
60 Blanket -JulesMD
Adult Diapers - Ros & donation
Baby Diapers -Hanie & sunarti
and cash contribution

I share some photos here, the rest is in my facebook

Nanda, sweet but very shy little girl...

The donation items..

the volunteers.. ^_^

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cloth Diaper Donation is CLOSED but the giveway still on!

We manage to get 31 cds and 10 more coming from cash donation. But pls continue to promote Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah. You can still do monthly donation direct to RTAR at their CIMB acct : 080212 52940051

CD donation update
nice cloth diaper - 3 CDs - delivered to RTAR
lampinkain - 5 CDs
Mysunshine Gift Shop - 2 Cheekybum CDs - delivered to RTAR
Tinytapir - 12 Grobaby CDs (24 soakers) - delivered to RTAR
Sue Ida - 5 Coolababy Cds
Siti Zufina - 3 CDs lunatots - delivered to RTAR
Khadijah - 1 preloved Coolababay CD -delivered to RTAR

Total Cash Contributions as per today 11 Nov - RM260
Tq Nadia, Azila, Rosfarisya, Nad & Razana

Mysunshine Giveaway is still running until 20 Nov. At this time we have abt 17 participation & we need more ^_^ Share this with all your family & friends. If you join, but your name is not listed here... pls let me knw

1. Atiqah
2. Anamarza
3. umuzulfa
4. Three of us
5. Iwim
6. mama danial & eva
7. tinidewi
8.Aishah Megahasz
9. suzana @ anamarza
10. sheery
11. Asmieyra
12. Little mama
13. Sis Arma
14. Mama Zharfan
15. Nad
16. Molly
17. Hanz


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mysunshine giveaway & Cloth Diaper fund for Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah

Isnt this bento box cute? Now you can own your Bento starter pack for FREE ... join Mysunshine Giveaway & Cloth Diaper Fund for RTAR. 3 bento box to be WON. Help us buy Cloth Diaper or donate Cloth Diaper for Rumah Titian Asraful Rohaniah and you might get your self a bento Starter Pack! Isnt that great?

To help RTAR cut cost from buying disposable diapers, Mysunshine Gift shop is doing a Cloth Diaper Fund. Target of 30 pcs Coolababy cloth diapers (for 3 kids, Arianna 3 months, Danial 1 1/2 yo & Nanda 2 yo). We need around RM800.

You can send your donation to my Maybank act : zarina semuri act no : 1641 7366 2845 and please indicate "RTAR CD donation", amount and email your details to
No matter how small your contribution, to RTAR CD fund, it makes HUGE different. We ask as little as RM10 per person & with 80 people give the same amount, we can get RM800, insyallah... May Allah reward you for your kind heart...

Or you can also donate cloth diaper. CD requiremet : 1 size CD, any color, preferrable snap button. Email me for details.

How to join this contest?
1. Make an entry in your blog/fotopages/facebook about Mysunshine giveaway & Cloth Diaper Fund for RTAR.

2. leave your comment in this 'Giveaway entry'. So I can check when you post an entry in your blog/fotopages/facebook.

3. Send me email notification, with your details, like name/nick name & tel no.

4. You must put Mysunshine & RTAR banner/link in your blog/fotopages. You can copy the link from our top left blog.
5. Register as Mysunshine & RTAR follower

6. This is open for all Malaysian and international (but for international you have to pay your own shipping)

7. ** Optional/not an obligation : make donation to our Cloth Diaper Fund for RTAR or donate cloth diaper

8. Due date is 12 midnite on Friday 20 Nov 2009

9. We will draw 3 winners and announce it on 23 Nov 09.
- entry can be in Bahasa or English

About Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah (RTAR)

Pn. Rohana Saidin
013-4550013/ 05-6237530
email :

No.53B, Kg Selabak Luar Batu 3,
Jln Changkat Jong, 36000 Teluk Intan

Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah, located in Teluk Intan. Under care of Pn. Rohana & her husband with help from volunteer.

There are abt 60 adult under RTAR care, categories as Senior Citizen (Warga Tua), Neglected (Warga Terbiar), Orphans (Yatim), Special/Mentally Challenged, (warga istimewa), People with Disabilities (Warga Kurang Upaya).
The orphans/kids are baby Ariana 3 months, Danial 1 and half year, Nanda 2 years, Ainul 5 years & Farah 9 years.