Friday, November 20, 2009

update on RTAR visit 14 Nov

Alhamdulillah, we would never be able to do this without your support & help. Please continue to help not only RTAR but other Homes. There are so many ways to give of ourselves, our money and our time. You can volunteer for a local charity or send money to the needy. When one’s heart is in the right place, any act of giving is a worthwhile pursuit.

From Ummikusayang e-groups and friends out there we manage to collect few other things for RTAR. Sorry If I miss out any name...
60 towels - azhana, kaiyisah, Hanie & yati
60 single bed sheet - hanie, Hafifah, Kaiyisah, salmiah (post from penang) & donation
60 pillows - Akmal, Eva
60 Single Mattress - Hamba Allah & Bakit
2 months stocks of Susu Raudah - from Tabung Susu
Kain batik & pelikat - kak Sal, Hanie & yati
60 Blanket -JulesMD
Adult Diapers - Ros & donation
Baby Diapers -Hanie & sunarti
and cash contribution

I share some photos here, the rest is in my facebook

Nanda, sweet but very shy little girl...

The donation items..

the volunteers.. ^_^

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