Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 Tier Luxury Baby Diaper Cake

This is Erin 2nd order. I add in new things, cloth book, the wording baby bib and baby
Ingredient in this 3 tier diaper cake
35 pieces disposable Pampers diaper
1 baby blanket 31” x 31”
1 Mothercare bodysuit
1 Mothercare socks
1 Playskool toy
1 Baby Disney Eeyore teether
1 handkerchief (make into lollipop)
1 Safety 1st travel spoon
1 baby bib with wording
1 set nail clipper
1 Bee colorful cloth book
1 cotton nappie
1 set Johnson toiletries (shampoo, baby bath, powder & lotion)

email us if you want to personalize your diaper cake


sherry said...

how much does it cost?

Fida Blog's said...

alahai comeynyer..brp RM kalau gitu?

mama zharfan said...

can u email me how much this kind of diaper cake cost? tq